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In Titanium Valley started construction work

On the territory of special economic zone «Titanium Valley» (Sverdlovsk region, Verkhnyaya Salda) started work on the construction sites in the first stage of construction. «Now on the site are carried out excavation work in the field, where the structure will be built three residents of the project» — told reporters the representatives of the Department of Territory Governor. «Already in the I quarter of the coming year, builders will start installation of buildings» — told the press in the Sverdlovsk regional administration. In total, at the initial stage of the project will be improved more than 295 hectares of SEZ land.

According to Andrei Antipov, occupying the Management Company «Titanium Valley» as head of the Department of Economics and Finance, among the objects of I stage of construction will be built fire station, a business center and customs complex. The territory will be landscaped and fully fenced, it will be built roads and parking lots, will operate a checkpoint. For buildings and structures will be brought necessary utilities, including gas pipeline, water supply and power supply.

Earlier it was reported that the SEZ industrial type «Titanium Valley», the Russian government said one of the key projects aimed at the dynamic economic development of the Ural region. According to the organizers 'special zone' favorable business conditions for its residents to help participating companies to reduce costs in the implementation of their own projects by 25−30%.

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