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The cause of the tragedy on the titanium plant is still not clear

Which gas was the cause of death of three workers in the titanium plant in Berezniki (Russia, Perm) still remains a mystery. Data released earlier that was responsible for the tragedy chlorine, to «VSMPO-Avisma» denied. Not confirmed the previously published version and the MOE, referring to Rostekhnadzor, which experts have promised to provide accurate information about substance-killer November 20.

Previously reported: Wednesday, 14 November, at the Berezniki Titanium-Magnesium Works, is part of a group of companies under the management of JSC «VSMPO-Avisma», there was a depressurization of the tank with chlorine, resulting in an leak of poisonous gas mixture. From chemicals killed three workers chemical and metallurgical plant, where the accident occurred. In addition, the hospital — with varying degrees of poisoning — were sent about 20 employees of the plant, two of whom were in the intensive care unit.

According to some data, the substance that caused the tragedy in the titanium plant as mentioned above, chlorine was not. However, the official version of what happened in any city hall Berezniki, nor in the «VSMPO-Avisma» or the MOE reporters until sounded. There is an assumption that the cause of death of three workers may be the selection of phosgene (CCl2O) or CO (carbon monoxide — CO), which can be formed during the production of titanium.

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