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The Chinese government is struggling against cheap imports stainless steel tube

Today comes into force a special circular number 72, prepared by the staff of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. The document refers to the levying of additional taxes on the import of seamless stainless steel tubes with high performance, produced in Japan and the European Union. Within 5 years (starting from November 9th) for import of these products trading companies will pay a surcharge of antidumping 9,2−14,4% of the cost of imported goods into the territory of the republic.

Recall that the Ministry of Commerce initiated an anti-dumping investigation against imported into the country of seamless stainless steel pipes in the fall of last year. And this spring, the fact of the existence of dumping and the negative impact of foreign-made products for the development of domestic companies in the department confirmed officially by publishing the relevant report. After that decided to stabilize the situation on the market by introducing an additional tax on imports of stainless pipe from Japan and the European Union in the government, and that is reflected in the circular mentioned above.

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