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Public Chamber will analyze the feasibility of the development of Voronezh nickel mines

Public Chamber of the Russian Federation will review the situation around the idea of ​​the development of nickel deposits of the Voronezh region — Elkinskogo and Elan mines. Force organization will be created a special commission, which will consider the advisability of starting work for the extraction of resources in these areas from the point of view of environmental safety, economic benefits and consequences for society adjacent to the site areas.

By the decision to initiate such an investigation Managing Authority OP prompted unprecedented public concern has arisen around the edge of the nickel problem circumstances. Crowded demonstrations, which since the spring meet regularly disgruntled residents of the region, dozens of written and hundreds of phone calls of citizens to the government and the regional administration say that further delay in the decision on this matter may catalyze far-reaching consequences. «The team that will study the situation around Voronezh nickel appreciate: whether it is expedient to exploit the subsoil Chernozem in principle» — outlined the plans for the project Ph.D. Sergei Simak, opened the thematic session of the Public Chamber.

According to preliminary estimates sentiment initiators of the event can be judged from the fact that representatives of the OP will take a position against the extraction of nickel in the Voronezh region. «In view of the weak market of non-ferrous metals, from the perspectives of agriculture income growth and the absence of constructive dialogue with the mines owners, supporters of the Public Chamber and the development Elkinskogo Elan deposits hardly support," — commented on the atmosphere of the meeting event observers.

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