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CHGRK can not begin to develop a copper-nickel mine Montenegro

«CHGRK» LLC (a division of «Russian platinum») can not start developing copper — nickel mine «Montenegrin» (Krasnoyarsk region). The reason — the lack of conditions for the efficient extraction of resources in the field.

In particular — according to Russian media — representatives of companies complain about the administration of the city of Norilsk and the Taimyr Autonomous District authorities, which do not allow the mining company permission for the resettlement site infrastructure. «We need roads that will provide convenient access to the site of development. We also need your own port terminal on the banks of the Yenisei — without effective activity on the site is impossible. A power Norilsk and Dolgan-Nenets district hinder their construction, denying us permission to use the relevant sections «- commented the representatives of» CHGRK «. «This is a direct violation of the terms listed in the license agreement, and we have to go to court to protect their interests in a legal way» — added to the company.

In the «Russian platinum» believe that «sand in the wheels» project is not inserted without the initiative of «Norilsk nickel», with which the aforementioned mine owner had a conflict on another commodity assets — Norilsk-1 deposit. However, in the «Norilsk Nickel» their involvement in the event of denied.

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