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Aperam: revitalizing the stainless steel market has not followed

The long-awaited revival in consumer demand for stainless steel after summer «vacation» was not followed. This is the conclusion analysts of one of the world's market leaders doped metal — the company Aperam — after summing up the results of the III quarter. «We did not notice the improvements that would bring September. On the contrary, our sales showed a negative trend, falling for the previous quarter under the influence of crisis factors in the euro area by 5%, «- commented on the situation with sales representatives of metallurgical companies.

As for the outlook for the remainder of the year, Aperam think: wait a fundamental change in the stainless steel market is not necessary. «The situation is changing for the better for the industry operators side. This is evidenced by increase in prices of steel alloys, this contributes to the policy of Brazil in respect of import duties. However, we will be careful with the optimistic forecasts: the maximum of what we expect from the last months of work in the past year — save on the level of sales of III quarter, «- shared the expectations of analysts Aperam.

Aperam — an offshoot of the steel corporation ArcelorMittal, included in the top ten of the world stainless steel market operators. The company, whose main production facilities are located in three countries — Brazil, France and Belgium — employs about ten thousand people. In the last quarter the company profit (before deducting expenses — by EBITDA) was $ 42 million.

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