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Trinon Titanium moves to new premises

The German company «Trinon Titanium GmbH», working in the Estonian town of Narva (Ida-Viru County), transporting equipment in new production facilities. Management of the organization acquired several shops in the «Baltiets» plant, and at the end in their repair work, completely takes the square lines of machines for the production of a wide range of products made of titanium and special steels. «We purchased the building is much more spacious premises, where there was the equipment used. Now we will be able to increase the fleet of machines, to establish more efficient production already manufactured product range and can even expand its own range, «- commented on the situation the representatives of» Trinon «.

In spite of the difficulties experienced in recent years a number of metallurgical enterprises, «Trinon Titanium» not only minimizes the production, but also continues to expand. «Products made of titanium are in constant demand — we are working in three shifts, and every year» to gain momentum. «This year alone, our staff increased by 50 persons «- highlighted the situation in the company of his head — Miroslav Penkovsky.

«Trinon Titanium GmbH» company specializes in the production of titanium and alloyed steel for medicine (imlantanty for bone grafting, tools, fasteners), parts for the watch industry, parts and special hardware for the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, energy enterprises and other sectors of the economy.

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