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The company sent from Donetsk Norilsk equipment worth $ 1.5 million

Donetsk Company «Mining machines» posted on MMC «Norilsk Nickel» equipment, the cost of which amounts to 1.5 mln. US dollars. This ventilation technology designed for use in hard-ventilated buildings of the mining industry — axial fan WATER-40M and the main ventilation fan WDC 47 «North.» The equipment is made in view of the harsh conditions for its use: in its production used a special type of metal, easily carrying sorokogradusnuyu cold northern latitudes. Supply of equipment to the Russian producer of nickel and copper Donetsk company made early — to 3 months before the term stipulated by the contract.

«Research and Production Company Mining machines» (Donetsk) — the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of mining and mine equipment. The company manufactures a wide range of special machines and equipment for mining operations: harvesters, conveyors, electric, fans, hoists, powered roof supports, bucket wheel excavators, trucks, transformer substations and other equipment.

MMC «Norilsk Nickel» — one of the world leaders of non-ferrous and precious metals, specializing in the production of nickel, copper, cobalt, palladium, platinum and other resources. The company's headquarters is located in Moscow, and the raw materials and production assets — (except Russia) — is in Finland, Australia, Botswana and South Africa.

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