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Rental titanium GOK has brought to the Ukrainian budget more than 120 million

The budget of Ukraine transferred funds for the lease of titanium ore dressing plants — Mining and Volnogorsk Irshansk GOK. The total sum received by October 19 from the tenant of these enterprises — «Crimea TITAN» — totaled 121.68 million hryvnia. It is almost 14% of the total funds transferred to the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the state budget: the total income from the lease of state enterprises amounted to 872 million. The report, released to the press center of the State Property Fund, states: the use Volnogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine tenant paid 84.34 million hryvnia, whereas Irshansky GOK brought in treasury 37.34 million.

Recall: «Crimean Titan» signed a lease on a titanium GOKs back in November 2004. At the end of the term of the agreement (in 2009), the SPF has refused to renew the lease, but the «TITAN» lawyers asked the court to prolong the contract. Disputes between the State Property Fund and the tenant titanium GOK lasted until the beginning of this year, when, with a consequent increase in rents, SPF finally extended the lease agreement Volnogorsk MMC and Irshansk GOK «Crimean Titan» until the fall of 2014.

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