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Analysts are confident in the growth of China's stainless steel production

Global Steel market has received further confirmation of the fact that the production of stainless steel in China will increase significantly in the near future. At this time in favor of this version of events in favor of the analytical agency experts from Beijing — Antaike Information Development. «Within 2−3 years, the official production corrosion resistant metal in China will increase by at least half of the current performance — up to 17 million tons compared with 11 million this year.» — Said the study which conducted a specialist company in Beijing — Xu Aydun.

In addition, in the above-mentioned analytical agency believes that in parallel with the increase in production of stainless steel in China, the volume of demand for nickel (one of the main alloying components of most modern varieties of stainless steel) will also grow, but with a slower pace. Xu Aydun predicts only a 23% increase relative to the demand for this metal (790,000 tons in 2015 against 642 thousand. Tons in the current).

We recall that at the moment (when comparing the data of the 1st half of 2012 with the figures the same period of 2011), the volume of stainless steel metal production growing at a rate of approximately 10.6% in China in the year. The growth performance mainly touched the issue of chromium-manganese stainless steel alloys.

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