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America raises the price of stainless steel, Europe - reduces surcharges

Since September 4, metallurgical company in the US AK Steel Holding raises the cost of stainless steel own production. Higher prices will apply to all types of rolled products of stainless steel grades 201; 301; 430 (for these products from the current month, the company will cancel the previously existing system of discounts) and stainless steel grade 409, which will rise to 44 dollars per ton.

The marketing policy of the European manufacturers of stainless steel differs from the American marketing tactics radically: the largest market operators in Europe (Finnish Outokumpu, Spanish Acerinox, ThyssenKrupp German and Franco-Belgian Aperam) in September, reducing the cost of most running positions of their own products. According to the independent news agency Platts, the four leaders of the European stainless steel sector significantly reduce the additional cost of the metal in this category. The pretext for such a deed will protracted «debt crisis», dictating sluggish buying activity in the market, and tangibly «sagging» cost of raw materials. On average, price lists major stainless steel producers in Europe for most items range in September, «lose weight» by 3−6% (in comparison with the last month of summer prices).

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