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SCRA will find investors for American Titanium Works

ATW Manual (American Titanium Works LLC) appealed to members of R & D-company SCRA (South Carolina Research Authority) to request help in implementing the project for construction of the production plant for the production of titanium metal for the US defense industry, aerospace, automotive, energy, industrial and medical purposes. Plans to launch such an enterprise management ATW announced a few years ago, but the global economic crisis has prevented their implementation. Today, the company has renewed its efforts to raise funds for the construction of the company and representatives of SCRA have promised to support it in this matter. According to the ATW, for the project will require an investment of $ 480 million.

Earlier it was reported that the plant, which is American Titanium Works plans to build in Lawrence County (South Carolina), will specialize in the manufacture of cast billets, slabs, plates and round bars made of pure titanium and its alloys. In addition, the company planned to provide customers with tolling services. Also, the media reported that the new plant design capacity should be around 10 million. Pounds of titanium per year.

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