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The new management team to focus on priority KRSU objects

The new management of the company KRSU (Development Corporation of the Middle Urals) will focus on the implementation of priority projects for the region. Among these managers believe the organization of the SEZ «Titanium Valley» exhibition center «Expo-Yekaterinburg» and the erection of a program of low-rise residential complexes. However, KRSU Board of Directors decided to suspend the financing of the reconstruction of M / A-train station in Yekaterinburg and investing in the construction of high-speed railway BCM-2 (Moscow — Ekaterinburg by Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan).

Recall that in the spring part of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region (whose job is to exercise control over KRSU) has changed, and in July the new government is 100% updated the Board of Directors of the Corporation of the Middle Urals. According to representatives of Sverdlovsk authorities, the «old» leadership of the organization «led too many projects, of which none was over.» However, their financing schemes were not transparent to the regulatory authorities: the money went to subsidiaries, which impeded the access of MUGISO to information on their further use.

Projects that new leadership KRSU considers to be priorities, are at various stages of readiness. For example, Ekaterinburg-Expo is already working and requires only the completion and improvement of certain facilities, and the construction work is just beginning in the territory of Titanium Valley. However, analysts believe that the «separate» approach of the new management «Development Corporation» will be more productive, and implementation of projects get off the «dead spots» in the near future.

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