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The nickel market: demand has not kept pace with the proposal

non-ferrous metals market experts analyzed the results of the nickel sector at the global level for the first half of this year. According to statistics WBMS British Office, at the end of this period the level of the global demand for nickel has increased (compared to the 1st half of 2011) to 50 thousand tons. The volume of metal production (when comparing data for January-June of the current and previous years) increased by 170 thousand tons, which resulted in a surplus of nickel on the market of 56 000 tonnes. By the end of the reporting period, non-deficit trend will continue (in June the difference between the levels of production and consumption amounted to 20 thousand tons). So, there is reason to believe that last year's forecast of analysts International Nickel Study Group on the redundancy of the nickel market in the amount of 70 ths. Tons in 2012 can be confirmed.

Current indicators of the balance between production and consumption of nickel — a record for the last 4 years. Recall that in the past several years, the state of the market varied from deficient (-1 ths. Tons) to an excess (30 thous. Tonnes). However, according to analysts, supply of raw materials from Indonesia clotting, is already affecting the production volumes of nickel, can make to the development of events significant adjustments.

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