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Asha Metallurgical Plant increased its purchases of imported stainless steel

Open Joint Stock Company «AMW» (Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation) is increasing the volume of imports of stainless steel procurement. In the period from January to July this year, the company acquired 347 tonnes abroad corrosion resistant metal. This figure is almost 21% higher than the company import figures for the same period last year.

«AMW» — the company full production cycle: its capacity allows us to produce a wide range of steels (including stainless, structural, heat-resistant) and manufacture of these high value added products. However, a thin sheet of stainless steel used in the enterprise for the production of dishes (in particular, we are talking about are easy to forging alloy austenitic AISI 304L sheets with a thickness of 0.5 — 0.8 mm), plant prefers to buy abroad.

for «AMW» The main stainless steel supplier is a South Korean Metallurgical Corporation Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO), with which the Russian company has been cooperating since 2009. The average annual volume of trade between the organizations (based on the last three years of cooperation) is 608 tons.

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