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Anti-Nickel rallies in the Voronezh region continues

Rallies protesting the mining of nickel in the Voronezh region, not only did not subside, but also «gaining momentum». A new protest that took place this weekend, told reporters from the Russian city Novohopersk: this time to support the demonstration of anti-nickel were about five thousand men. Given that in this village live less than 7 thousand. Residents, the number of participants of the event clearly illustrates the importance of the problem for the local community.

Residents of Voronezh and neighboring regions have repeatedly complained about the intentions of the authorities to start the edge of the development of nickel deposits and Elkinskoe Elanskaya (according to activists, resource extraction in these mines will lead to environmental disaster). Supporters of the project insist on the need to start work: the last major nickel deposit in Europe — the very «tasty morsel» for the owners of the mining business, and for the budgets of regional scale and across the country.

A conflict of interest arose between the parties before the declaration of the right to development of Rosnedra competition Voronezh nickel outcomes (the first protest took place on May 15, 2012 and the winner of the contest — Mednogorsky copper and sulfur plant — has been declared 22 of the same month). And although the first meeting brought together 400 participants of all, gradually response for «nickel problem» was becoming more intense (follow-up were collected up to 10 thousands of protesters). The participants of the August demonstrations planned to defend the interests of the inhabitants of the region to the full cancellation of «anti-national project," and promised to hold a rally «a million letters to the president» in the near future to demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions.

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