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In Titanium Valley will be new residents

Special Economic Zone Titanium Valley awaits new residents. At this time we are talking about at least three companies interested in cooperation with the Management Company of the project.

The first of these — Yekaterinburg organization «StroydizelKompozit», which management expects to build the SEZ large plant for the production of tubes from polymeric composite materials. The expected volume of investments — about 37 million US dollars.

The second potential resident — Russian representative of the American company «Praxair». The company supplies the market with oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, acetylene, carbon monoxide, krypton, xenon and other gases. Estimated investment — $ 300 million.

The third investor — a company specializing in the manufacture of innovative equipment for metallurgical plants. This will be a joint venture, organized by NPP «Mashprom» (Russia) and «Mitshima Kosan» (Japan). Their volume of investments will amount to about 9 million. USD.

Recall: in the SEZ already has two resident. The first — «VSMPO-New Technologies» (a company, established world leader in the manufacture of titanium products and titanium-based alloys — VSMPO AVISMA Corporation). The second — the company «Sinersis» (subsidiary company «Electric Machine Plant»).

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