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Titanium mine in the Far East, sold for 25.7 million. Rubles

In July Primornedra conducted the auction, which was a lot of the twenty-year license to develop Ariadnenskogo deposits of ilmenite ores (raw material for production of titanium dioxide and its). Recently Russian media published the results of this competition: the owner of the rights to geological exploration and use of the subsoil of the Far Eastern ore was the company «Itera» (Primorsky Krai of the Russian Federation, the city of Dalnerechensk). Go got a new owner of 25.7 million. Rubles.

Representatives of the company «Itera» offered in the organized regional auction unit Rosnedra greatest amount of one-time payment, which (at the start of trading) estimated total of 2.4 million fight for the ilmenite deposit (except for the winning organization) were two other companies (both from Vladivostok).: JSC «Primorsky Titan» and JSC «Far Eastern resources».

Ariadnenskoe titanium deposit is located in the western ridge of the Sikhote-Alin (Far East, the boundary of the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territory). According to preliminary geological reconnaissance of the license area subsoil contains about 20 thousand. Tons of titanium dioxide C2 category and about 230 thousand. Tonnes of this resource category P1. Under the terms of the tender for development of the field of mineral resources, processing of ilmenite on the site should begin no later than October 2017.

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