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Titanium Valley will celebrate the laying of the first stone in the middle of July

On Saturday July 14 the leadership of JSC «SEZ» Titanium Valley «is planning a series of
events dedicated to one of the most important events of the project — the first tab
stone at the construction site of the object. As part of the event management company
will hold a presentation of the Special Economic Zone, will arrange a grand picnic in honor of
the start of construction on the territory of Titanium Valley and organizes the «tour"
on the project for the company guests. In addition, for the media
information, participating in the event, a press conference will be held on
which the company's employees will answer journalists' questions and talk about the current
the situation with the implementation of the project.

In addition to representatives of the media, as the organizers are planning the day Bookmark
the first stone of Titanium Valley will visit the international participants of the Ural
«INNOPROM-2012», which will take place from 12 th to 15 th of July in the city
Ekaterinburg. This event is dedicated to innovative industrial technologies
It will bring together about 400 companies from Russia and other countries. However, such
the number of visitors to the festival organizers Titanium Valley will not be able to take
(An event management plans to invite about 50 people), so
participate in the landmark event of the SEZ potential guests waiting for the preliminary procedure

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