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The forecasts are optimistic Nickel market

Forecasts of experts on the prices of nickel (as in the near future and in the longer term) are optimistic. In particular, analysts of one of the largest operators of the market of investment services in France — the bank Natixis, believe that the metal prices in the second half of this year will rise. In their opinion, this is due to the expected increase in consumer demand and a parallel decrease in the volume of deliveries from manufacturers. The same expectations from the nickel market has recently voiced by British financiers of the company HSBC Holdings plc, said that «the gap between the bottom of the 'stock exchange quotations will happen at the end of this year — early next year.

With regard to the average cost of nickel, for the current year Natixis analysts put the number at 17,250 US dollars per ton, and the next — 19 000. But according to previously published forecasts of experts HSBC, the figure for 2012 th year will be $ 18 thousand. and to 2013-th -. 18.5 thousand USD per ton.

The situation with nickel prices in the longer term, experts predicted the New York-based Merrill Lynch (division of Bank of America). They believe that the amount to $ 19,600, in the 2017th in 2016, the year the average price of a tonne of metal -. 20.3 thousand, and in the 2018th — nearly 21 thousand USD… The experts considered appropriate to correct its earlier forecasts, increasing the expected price level at 9; 19; and 31% respectively.

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