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The new prime minister of the Sverdlovsk region took the Titanium Valley

The new Prime Minister of the Sverdlovsk region — Denis Pasler appointed to the post of chairman of the regional government in June this year, last week held its first meeting on Special Economic Zones «Titanium Valley».

At the meeting, dedicated to the development of SEZs, discussed aspects of financing, examined the current situation with the construction works on the reports of managers responsible for execution of works and attract investors. Summarizing the meeting, Prime Minister confirmed the willingness of local authorities to assist the development of Titanium Valley (as one of the priority projects for the region). The head of regional government officials gave the order to review the investment program of the Special Zone to optimize the expenditure on the implementation of the first part of the project plans. «For the region it is important that the cost of works on creation of infrastructure SEZ was adequate» — summed up his claim, Mr. Pasler.

Today, among the residents of Titanium Valley four companies (July 20 The Expert Council of the Ministry of Economic Development has approved the drafts of two new members of the SEZ). The site is fully ready for arrangement of engineering services and construction of infrastructure. Their construction (both building and installation of the residents), according to the report of the Director General of the project — Artemia Kyzlasov, will begin in the near future.

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