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Experts are predicting a shortage of nickel

Experts of the British financial conglomerate HSBC Holdings plc believe that by the beginning of 2013 (and perhaps already in the 4th quarter), the global metallurgical market will experience a shortage of nickel. According to British experts, the situation today is down (when metal prices have reached record lows) will cause a decrease in the volume of deliveries to many sector operators — referring to the low profitability of nickel production. In addition, the negative dynamics trends in the markets will force mining and metallurgical companies to delay the commissioning of new capacities for production and manufacture of metal (which, as planned, had to start in the current year). And this decision will be made even before the market players will feel the lack of nickel in connection with the Indonesian moratorium.

Despite the «scarce» nickel forecast, HSBC analysts have admitted that their expectations of the average metal prices this year have been somewhat exaggerated. In this regard, the financial structure of British specialists have reduced the projected average annual price of nickel to the level of 18 thousand. USD per ton (which is 10% less than their previous preliminary estimates). A similar figure (18.5 thousand. USD) HSBC analysts previously foreshadowed, and for the average value of the metal in 2013. This figure is the British experts have decided to leave unchanged.

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