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Possibility of rise in price of nickel: expert opinion divided

Analysts non-ferrous metal market with respect to the probability of a rise in price of nickel divided. While some experts believe that soon the price of this metal may go up, others are confident in maintaining the current position of nickel.

In particular, the financial holding Citibank experts suggest that the price of nickel in the near future will begin to rise. This, according to experts, will contribute a factor reducing the reserves of nickel in the market due to lower exports of Indonesian metal. Citibank analysts believe that the imposition of export taxes nickel pursued by the Indonesian government policy will lead to a decrease in the supply of ore from that country to 20−75% in early autumn. And this metal deficit of the market will begin to feel in 2−3 months after entering the Indonesian moratorium (when consumers run out of available stocks).

With the opinion of specialists holding Citibank did not agree to the experts of the financial conglomerate's Barclays Plc. According to their forecasts, a significant positive dynamics in the pricing of the nickel market in the near future should not expect (even with the noticeable reduction of the metal stocks on the exchanges). «Now the sluggish demand for nickel, and prices on the rise only when activated by the metal end-users» — say representatives of Barclays.

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