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Posco is interested in buying part of the assets of ThyssenKrupp

Manual steel company Pohang Iron and Steel Company (Posco) thinks that the owners offer ThyssenKrupp deal to buy out their belonging to CSA billet producing plant assets in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The journalists said the head of Posco — Mr. Chun Yung-yang. «Until a final decision until the case came, but now we really consider such a possibility," — commented the representative of the South Korean corporation.

In May this year the media reported that ThyssenKrupp Group management decided to sell the Brazilian plant CSA (or at least, to attract investors' funds for the development of the enterprise). Securities package in the first place was suggested company Vale (already owning shares in the factory), but co-owners of CSA refused the deal.

Posco — South Korean company, which occupies a position as one of the largest operators in the world market of steel products. The Corporation manufactures stainless steel, sheet metal for the automotive industry, electrical steel grades and other products. The organization started its activities in 1968.

ThyssenKrupp AG — a company from Germany, which occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of stainless steel sheet, for metalworking machine tools, large equipment (including — elevators, escalators, boarding bridges), and other products. In its present composition, the company operates since 1999.

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