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In Titanium Valley started the preparations for the construction of structures of the I stage

On the territory of Titanium Valley started the site preparation stage to the construction of structures of the I stage of construction. In late April, the project management company has received positive conclusion of State expertise (№ 66−1-5−0269−12 / 12−0026−1) for the construction of priority infrastructure projects in the beginning of this week to the site construction equipment and now started the preparation area of ​​was set 72 hectares to the device utilities, construction of internal roads, construction of buildings of the administrative and business center, customs office and the firehouse.

According to data released by the press service of the US K. Titanium Valley, the above facilities will be commissioned before the end of the year. Along with them, (since autumn 2012) will be carried out construction of the first industrial facilities for the residents of the SEZ. The whole complex of construction works (implying the construction of facilities necessary for the operation of 65 companies, including the CHP, rail and roads and other facilities), initiators of the project expect to finish by 2030.

Recall that the Special Economic Zone Titanium Valley was designed as industrial and manufacturing area with preferential tax terms to accommodate a wide range of enterprises. Among them are companies that process titanium for the aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive industries, manufacturing, producing products for the energy sector, producers of goods and medical equipment, materials for the construction industry, machine parts, products of the chemical industry and other organizations.

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