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In the supervisory board "Titanium Valley" are expected to change in the composition

The former Sverdlovsk Governor Alexander Misharin resigned, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed his letter of resignation from his post. The media reported that now ex-governor likely will not be able to lead the Supervisory Board «Titanium Valley», as well as several other projects carried out under his command in the Sverdlovsk region.

Reason for leaving Mr. Misharin as governor, according to its information policy department, connected with the receipt of his proposal to move to a new place of work in the «general federal project.» While reliable information on the new policy positions there, but in journalistic circles exaggerated belief that the ex-governor can get one of the following seats: Minister of Transport or the Minister of Regional Development. Executing the same duties of the governor of Sverdlovsk region corresponding decree of the government appointed Eugene Kuyvashev.

Alexander Misharin headed the government of the Sverdlovsk region in November 2009, and the Supervisory Board of the special economic zone «Titanium Valley» — in June 2011. In the SEZ Management Company confirm the high probability of leaving the ex-governor of the project management, but about who will replace the Chairman of the Board and the timing of implementation of «castling» to speak until addressed.

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