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Titanium protects the planet from global warming

The element with atomic number 22 in the periodic table of elements — titanium — repeatedly to justify since the opening of its name, borrowed from the gods of Greek mythology. Heavy-duty metal, thanks to its lightness, is widely used in the aerospace industry, and thanks to the unprecedented biocompatibility has become one of the best materials for the manufacture of implants, prostheses, medical instruments. Not less popular and TiO2 — titanium dioxide, which is used for the production of dyes, paints, paper and plastics. However, according to scientists, titanium has yet to reach their potential: it can be used to save the Earth from global warming.

Such a conclusion was British chemical engineer Peter Davidson. He initiated a project to protect the planet from warming provoked by sunlight passing freely through the stratosphere due to an increase in the shell of greenhouse gases. Together with colleagues, the scientist developed a way to improve the protective qualities of the stratosphere due to sputtering of titanium dioxide in it. According to his theory, the layer thickness of the substance 1/1 000 000 mm can significantly reduce the «transparency» of the containment and to compensate for the Earth's greenhouse effect.

Scientists estimate that the project will need about 3 million tons of titanium dioxide per year (at a cost — 2−3 billion US dollars)… You also need to invest in the production and maintenance of the special balloon by which the composition is sprayed into the stratosphere (this is approximately 1 billion. Annual costs).

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