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Stainless steel market: results of the first 4 months of 2012

Steel companies, specializing in the production of stainless steel and metal distribution, as well as public services, control the export and import of products of corrosion-resistant alloys, by the end of this month produced the analytical data for the sector «stainless steel» for four months in 2012. According to these reports, a clear vector of developments in the global market is difficult to trace: at that time, as in one country there was a surge of buying activity in another state stainless metal producers were forced to reduce production.

In particular, China has reduced the number of foreign shipments of stainless steel in the past month (compared to March) to 14%. Roughly the same proportion decreased the share of exports of corrosion resistant metal, produced by China's steelmakers, when compared with April of 2011, and by comparing the results of 4 months in this and past years. However, not all steelmakers, «Heaven," had difficulties with the sale of stainless steel to foreign buyers: for example company Taiyuan Iron & Steel (TISCO) in April, according to these indicators has broken its own record for the year and a half period, and up to 4 months, increased its exports by almost a third.

The main importer of stainless steel «Made in China» for Yanar-April, as before, remained two States: Taiwan and South Korea. The volume of foreign purchases of Korean consumers of the metal (in total, not only from trading with China) in April 2012 «fell» by 11.2% (in comparison with indicators of March). And when comparing the results of the April of the current and previous years — fell by almost 20%.

The opposite situation is observed in Turkey and Russia. In particular, in January-April import volume into the territory of the Russian stainless steel flat products increased by 14% (relative to the same period in 2011). In a somewhat more modest proportions have increased the volume of imports and in Turkey for the I quarter — by 1% in March — by 11%.

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