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Crimean Titan to increase production volumes

Ukraine will increase its own share of the global market for titanium dioxide is almost 3 times. This will be possible thanks to the introduction of new facilities for the production of sulfuric acid, recently discovered as part of the company's development program «Crimean Titan». The newly built modern complex will enable the company to double the volume of manufacture TiO2 — titanium dioxide, which contribute in the promotion of Ukraine in the strategically important position in the global market demand of this product. «Today, the country owns a share of 3% of the total production of TiO2, with new features, this figure will increase to 8%," — commented on the importance of the event for the state chapter board of directors of Group DF — the largest investor «Crimea TITAN.» — Dmitry Firtash share the opinion of the businessman on semiotics of this step and the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who attended the opening ceremony of the complex for the production of sulfuric acid in Armenian.

Titanium dioxide is the starting material for the production of titanium metal — the best of the existing metal on a combination of weight and strength. It is also a raw material is an essential basis for the production of paints, plastics, laminated paper, rubber products, special types of glass. Also, TiO2 is widely used in the food industry (as a safe for the health of the dye) in the manufacture of a number of cosmetics and in many other industrial applications.

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