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China increases its production of stainless steel

Analytical PRC summed up the service activities of local producers of stainless steel for the I quarter of 2012. According to reports from the researchers, during this period the volume of production of stainless steel in the country amounted to 3.43 million tons. This is 400 thousand tons more than in the first three months of 2011, so in January-March 2012, stainless steel production growth (when comparing quarterly data) amounted to 12%. The level of consumption of metals in this group in China's domestic market has changed in the same proportion:. From 2.45 million tons in the I quarter of 2011 to 2.77 million in the same period of the current.

Analysts believe that the statistics for the II quarter of the Chinese stainless steel production is less optimistic: according to reports, many Chinese steelmakers in Asia specialized press planning at this time to reduce the production of steel in this category. «Tsingshan Group», «Baosteel Stainless» and «daughter» «Baoxin Stainless», specializing in the production of cold-rolled stainless steel, as well as «Lianzhong Stainless Steel Corp» — only part of Chinese companies have already announced their own plans to reduce the rate of production of stainless steel in II quarter of 2012. this behavior metallurgists China due to lower metal prices and a decrease in these series of buying activity in the market of immediate supply at the turn of the I and II quarters of the year.

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