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CHKPZ expands the range of stainless steel products

Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant (CHKPZ) expands its range of enterprise products from stainless steel. In particular, we are talking about a special pipeline valves from corrosion resistant steel grades, demand in the oil and gas industries as well as industries, specializing in the processing of petroleum.

According to the data, voiced by the press center CHKPZ recently in the enterprise modernization of the equipment of the 2nd blacksmith shop was completed. The event replaced the master of the press control system, improved automation, installed on the line quality imported components. As a result, this site equipment received new possibilities regarding the accuracy of the molding and spectrum processed metals (including — possibility to manufacture stainless steel parts). This workshop presses can now be releasing a wide range of pipe fittings, which will help the company to strengthen its own position on the profile market.

Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant operates in the domestic market with a 40-ies of XX century. Additionally pipeline fittings enterprise capacities produced car body parts, spare parts for the automotive and special equipment, wheels for cars, trucks and passenger cars, trailers, and other products.

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