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Americans find cost-effective way to receive fuel from water using nickel and molybdenum

The research team from the Brookhaven National Laboratory (one of 16 US Department of Energy laboratories) has developed an innovative technology to produce hydrogen. The new method, which uses catalysts based on nickel and molybdenum, can generate «Hydrogenium» with significantly lower cost than was possible with preexisting technology. With this invention, according to US researchers in the near future it will be possible to speak about the mass use of hydrogen as an automotive fuel.

Hydrogen — the element, which accounts for over 90% of all atoms in the universe. However, current methods of its production unprofitable. The cost resulting from their gas via (meaning the electrolytic technology) is more than $ 6 per kilogram (equivalent to a gallon of gasoline, which costs at the gas station does not exceed 3.5 dollars.). Nevertheless, the prospects for the use of hydrogen energy is very attractive, and the main criterion in this respect — environmentally friendly (the combustion of hydrogen does not pollute the atmosphere — it runs on gas engine emits only water vapor). Therefore, nickel-molybdenum-nitride electrocatalyst, developed by scientists from Brookhaven Lab, might be a sensational discovery, allowing mankind to take a giant step forward towards sparing (with respect to the nature and its resources) existence.

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