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Nickel prices will go up (most likely - in the short term)

Analysts at Standard Bank (one of the banking and financial services market of the largest companies) believe that nickel prices on the behavior of «rebound» to be expected in the near future. This term (and in the case of the negative trends — and the term «dead cat bounce») in the language of stockbrokers called a short-term reversal of the market confident of movement in the direction of price increase or reduce the cost of a resource in the opposite direction. As a rule, a clear trend with respect to the value of an asset leads to an increase in transactions for its purchase or sale (depending on whether positive or negative dynamics of this resource trends). As a result, the price of an asset (similar to the trajectory of the ball, «bouncing» when hitting the ground) to temporarily deviate from the previous vector, showing (a while) the opposite trend.

In the case of nickel, Standard Bank experts expect to «bounce» in the direction of increasing value (the price of the metal, since February of this year, show clearly the negative movement of quotations). Thus there is no reason to expect a «reversal» nickel prices (categorical change in the market sentiment): metal production, most likely will continue to outstrip the uncertain distribution, lethargy which is dictated by weakly expressed demand for stainless steel in conjunction with the commissioning of new production facilities for the extraction and processing of nickel.

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