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Titan predict a significant rise in price

According to market analysts nonferrous metals, titanium is rapidly rising in price in the next three years. This contributes to a permanent increase in demand for raw materials from which titanium is extracted — rutile and ilmenite ore, used mostly in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, plastics, paper (in metallurgy accounts for less than 10% of extracted raw materials). Reg Adams — a world-class expert on the commodities market — believes that the average price of titanium dioxide (the main product of the industry) can reach this year's level 4, two thousand US dollars per ton… «This is a record figure for the market, however, the rise in prices for titanium products will continue at least until 2014» — said Mr. Adams on the Budapest Congress of the mining industry conducted by Industrial Minerals.

In addition, members of the Hungarian Congress noted that over the next 8 years the level of production of titanium dioxide to grow by more than 40% of the indicators in 2011 — to levels in excess of 9.25 million tons… But today (and obvious reasons for changing the situation in the foreseeable future, no) demand far outstrips supply, which dictates a rapid rise in prices for Titanium ore, titanium dioxide, the metal itself and products based on it.

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