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Passions run high around Voronezh nickel

Today, April 3, in the Voronezh region come initiators of the «For the salvation of Chopra.» The purpose of the visit of the team — protection Hoper Reserve from the damage that can cause one of the cleanest ecological zones of Europe in the development of nickel deposits and Elanskaya Elkinskom ore occurrences.

Recall that the results of the competition will be summed up Rosnedra May 15, the result of which is determined by the «boss» of nickel ore occurrences in the following decades mentioned above. And in the next 5 — will begin their active operation for 15 years. However, the field border with the river Hopper and conservation area, stretching for fifty kilometers along the river bed. The initiative group, which includes members of the movement «In Defense of Khimki Forest» project participants «School monitors» and «White Ribbon», as well as representatives of other NGOs have expressed concern about the impact of nickel mining on the ecology of the region. In this connection, and organized a «ekodesant» in the Voronezh region.

The task group «Save the Chopra» is organizing a series of events in which members of the movement plan to evaluate the potential threats and negotiate with local authorities to protect the reserve. Initiative team supports the public on the Internet (in forums and social networks) are appropriate topics, finding numerous responses are not indifferent to environmental Russia users. However, despite the excitement of the masses, the authorities do not intend to abandon the implementation of low-cost nickel project for the country. And at the moment the activists protecting the reserve, not sure that government officials wish to take part in the discussion of sensitive issues this hot topic.

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