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Russian Technologies will sell the assets Titanium

Russian state corporation «Russian Technologies» is preparing to sell part of the assets belonging to it of titanium — 20−45% of the securities of OJSC «VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation» (from available to it the share of about 70%). According to preliminary data, the vendor's management plans to sell the assets at a price close to 180 US dollars per share and the total deal could be worth $ 950 million.

Recall that a letter of intent to sell the shares of Titanium «Russian Technologies» reported in the summer of leadership last year. But this time, it seems, the state corporation management approached the issue closely: negotiations with potential purchasers of the securities simultaneously prepared a package of documents for obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Economic Development of AR F. From the government's decision and will depend on the size of the package being implemented — if the transfer of more than 40% of titanium monopoly to other owners will be approved, «Russian Technologies» will be left in its investment portfolio of a blocking stake — a share of about 25% of all assets of VSMPO.

JSC «VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation» — the only producer of titanium metal in Russia. The company meets about 25% of global demand for «winged metal», and securities of companies listed in the investment market is quite high. Last year, the organization almost reached the pre-crisis level of production of titanium (24.6 thousand tons compared to 25.6 thousand in 2008 to the year.), And the current plans to increase the volume to a record high — 32.7 thousand tons.

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