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The sale of assets stainless ThyssenKrupp AG will not stop

ThyssenKrupp AG continues to dispose of assets which, according to the company's management are currently unpromising. Immediately after the sale of businesses, specializing in stainless steel, the company came close to the issue of the change of power holders that manufacture certain components of metal and special steels for the automotive equipment — stabilizers, shock absorbers, and body parts. The other day management of ThyssenKrupp reported on the final stage of the realization of these assets.

Details about the new owners of the enterprises of the German group's management does not read, but previously reported in the press interested in buying a companies from China (expressed a desire to purchase Tailored Blanks — car body) and Italy (held talks on Bilstein Suspension GmbH — stabilizers and shock absorbers). According to preliminary data from the transactions for these assets, the owners plan to bail out the ThyssenKrupp AG of about 500 million euros, which will help the company in matters of debt restructuring. In addition, the sale of the companies listed above, according to company management, will help to optimize the financial position of the corporation (in I quarter of the current financial year, its losses amounted to the sum of 357 million euros). Recall that these same goals guide ThyssenKrupp AG pursued by selling stainless steel division, which became the new owner of the Finnish company Outokumpu.

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