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Kirovograd Mining posted the first batch of titanium ore

Last week, with a production capacity of Dnepropetrovsk company «Velta» developing Birzulovskoe ilmenite deposit in the Kirovograd region, was shipped the first commercial batch of titaniferous raw materials. This is the media organizations said CEO Andrew Brodsky. «Now our challenge — as soon as possible to increase the production of ilmenite concentrate to the calculated capacity» — shared with journalists plans for the near future head of the «Welt».

Earlier it was reported that the leadership of Dnepropetrovsk mining campaign is planning to supply the world market of about 185 thousand. Tons of titanium ore. At the same time management «Welt» has announced its intention to focus on the issue of the concentrate used to produce titanium metal (as opposed to the existing companies in Ukraine, focused on the chemical industry). In addition, the GOK products, according to the «Welt» published earlier owners, will not be sold in the domestic market and to consumers in neighboring countries, and external customers (with an emphasis on «distant neighbors» from Europe and Asia). So fight for the market with already working in the field of extraction and processing of titanium materials by Ukrainian companies, according to the «Welt», the new GOK will not have to.

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