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Baosteel expands the range of stainless steel sheet

Steel giant from China — Baosteel Metallurgical Company has announced the start of production of a new kind for himself stainless steel products. This time we are children about, and super duplex stainless steel hot-rolled sheet grade S32750, the release of which the Chinese manufacturers have mastered this week at one of its divisions. Previously, this category of Baosteel products offered to the market another type of rental — duplex stainless steel sheet grade S32205 (with a nickel content of 4.5−6.5%). However, S32750 alloy (chromium — 25%, molybdenum, 4%), the start of production is reported Chinese steelmakers, has higher strength values ​​and better resists pitting (spot, caused salt water effects), crevice (called congestion and delay of aggressive substances in the gaps and gaps) and general corrosion.

Mark S32750 stainless steel has been used successfully for offshore equipment, subsea pipelines, it is widely used as resistant to aggressive media materials in the equipment of desalination plants, absorption towers, desulphurization of flue gas equipment, extinguishing fire, heat exchangers, vessels, working under high pressure units petroleum refining and other equipment. On volumes of production of stainless steel of the grade Baosteel has not yet reported.

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