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Release of stainless steel in the world will grow to 34 million. Tons

Analysts at consultancy MEPS Agency (UK) have announced their views on the prospects of the global stainless steel market this year. According to them, from the manufacturers in this sector should expect stainless metal production volumes increase to a level of 33.9 million tons. Thus, the performance of 2012, according to experts the British company, the numbers will exceed last year by 5.5%. If analysts' forecasts are correct, the stainless steel production this year will exceed the corresponding figures of the first year of the «great recession» (January to December of 2009) by almost 40%. Recall that when (according to the ISSF) 24,579 Mill. Tons of stainless metal were produced in the world.

A few weeks earlier positive predictions about the situation in the world «stainless» market experts expressed the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and the growth of demand for the products of corrosion resistant metal watches, most traders and manufacturers. However, the agency MEPS said that significant changes in the prices of stainless steel can take place no earlier than two months. In their view, these circumstances are dictated by the oversaturation of the market alloying metals («scored» leading consumers of nickel and chromium their own warehouses, which will moderate price increases in this segment, at least until the end of April).

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