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team set up in the Republic of Komi to monitor the development of titanium deposits

Komi Republic Government has organized a working group, whose duties will include control over the progress of the construction of a complex for the extraction and processing of titanium ore, as well as decision-making in a number of issues concerning the development of deposits of «winged» metal. The team included members of the government, representatives of the regional authorities and the managers of the company RUSMINRESURSY initiating the project.

As part of the development of titanium deposits in the forefront of the program construction of appropriate infrastructure is put in the Komi Republic. In particular, we are talking about the construction of the mining sector and mining and processing plant in Ust-Tsilma district of the republic, chemical-metallurgical plant in the urban district Ukhta, as well as addressing issues of energy companies and transport communications. The project was assigned to the JSC «Russian titanium resources," and the program will allow for the environmentally sound extraction and processing of titanium ore deposits Pizhemskoe and (in the longer term) Yaregskoye.

According to specialists, the expected capacity of the complex for the extraction and processing of titanium resources amount to 3 million. Tonnes of ore per year, 10 thousand. Tons of titanium sponge, and about 75 thousand. Tons of titanium dioxide pigment. The company will bring to the budget of the republic a substantial increase (about 40 billion. Rubles) and will give residents of the Komi Republic, at least 2300 jobs.

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