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TISCO reduces the April prices for stainless steel

Management of the Chinese iron and steel corporation Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co, Ltd has decided to reduce the cost of its own products for supply to be carried out by trade departments of the company in April. According to preliminary data, the cost of tons of stainless steel this manufacturer will be reduced by an average of $ 195 — in the range from 155 to 237 US dollars per ton (depending on the type of metal).

According to the observations of analysts, this is the fourth adjustment of the price list Taiyuan steelmakers over the past 4 months. Trying to optimize its own pricing policy (in light of the unstable and difficult to forecast market trends of alloy compositions), TISCO at the beginning of the year reduced the price of stainless steel (142 — 316 dollars per ton in comparison with the prices of December 2011). Then double raised the cost of its own products — for February deliveries (24 — $ 80 per ton) for the March contract — to 16 — $ 48.

TISCO — the largest stainless steel producer in China with an annual operating income exceeding 100 billion yuan (over the last five years). stainless metal production at the corporation capacity is 3 million. tonnes per year (about 30% of the total level of output of steel and cast iron products).

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