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Titanium Valley Project participants presented METAV 2012

Representatives of the Management Company «Titanium Valley» presented a draft of Special Economic Zones of the guests and participants of international exhibitions METAV 2012, held in the German city of Dusseldorf. The event, dedicated to the modern technology of metalworking and automation of production, the staff of the Criminal Code, a series of talks with representatives of local organizations and companies of visitors (including — guests representing the industry of metalworking machine tools, and the United States and Italy). As an outcome of the meetings Artemia Kyzlasov (chapters Titanium Valley WC) with foreign investors, the Russian side stated there is an interest among representatives of foreign business in terms of asset allocation in the SEZ.

METAV International Fair 2012, organized by VDW (VereinDeutscherWerkzeugmaschinen-fabriken EV) — event held with regularity every two years. Participants and visitors have the opportunity to meet the exposure to the latest developments in the field of automation for the processing of metals, tools, technologies and equipment for the industry. Representatives of the metalworking industry and machine tool exhibition is considered a convenient platform to meet potential partners and to enter into profitable agreements of global significance. For WC «Titanium Valley», according to company representatives, this event is one of the most important steps in promoting the SEZ project in the international arena.

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