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Index average nickel prices in 2012 will decrease

According to the Australian Bureau of ABARE report regularly conducting analysis of the global market with respect to natural resources, in the current year index of average prices for nickel will not be able to overcome the bar to 20 700 USD per tonne. This is almost 10% lower than in 2011, when, according to specialists Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, the average cost of a ton of this metal was $ 22,855.

The above dynamics, according to analysts, due to a combination of several factors. First, economic growth in most countries remains sluggish, which dictates the low level of consumption of raw materials. Secondly, the mining and processing raw materials companies show a tendency to build up in nickel production. For example, Barclays Capital experts believe that in this respect, indicators of 2012 will exceed last year's by 12% (a record for the last 8 years). Such an unfavorable ratio of nickel levels of demand and supply will lead to a noticeable increase in inventories of the metal in the international market, which is fraught with a significant decrease in its value.

Positively on nickel prices could affect the statistics would be an increase in demand from emerging markets (for the most part — the purchase of Chinese steel mills). However, the current situation indicates a low probability of such a development.

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