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Norilsk Nickel will take part in regular competitions Rosnedra

Earlier this week Russian Federal Agency for Subsoil Use graduated from accepting applications for participation in the next contest, which is a lot of the right to explore and extract minerals from the ore occurrences of the Taimyr Peninsula. In the «October» this time Rosnedra sell the license to develop the «Norilsk-1» of the southern slope of the field and the western part of the deposit.

The first of the occurrences explored deposits of nickel mentioned above (about 270−580 thous. Tons) of copper (380−835 ths. Tons), cobalt, platinum group metals and other resources. Therefore, interest in the mine showed several structures — Norilsk Nickel, Ural Mining (its division commodity complex, «Gai GOK») and one of the group of companies «Russian platinum» — Artel «Amur».

The competition for the right to develop deposits of «October» (contains about 75 thousand tons of nickel and 135 thousand tons of copper.) Application filed by representatives of only one company — MMC Norilsk Nickel.

The organizers are planning to hold contests activities 5 June this year, and by the middle of the names of the winners will be announced the same month. The license for the development of the southern slope of the deposit «Norilsk-1» will be valid for 20 years, and the right holder «October» will be able to mine the resources on the site until 2037.

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