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Nickel mines of the Voronezh region will bring a substantial increase in the budget of the region

The development of nickel deposits in the interior region Novokhopersk will bring to the budget of the Voronezh region appreciable increase -. About 2.5 billion rubles per year. He told reporters governor of the region — Alexei Gordeev. He noted that the area residents concerns about the negative impact of the enterprise on production of nickel on the environmental situation in vain. On the territory of the region will not be smelting capacity, and the harmful effects of the mining industry will be minimized. For this purpose, according to the regional department of the head, set up a special team that is developing a package of environmental safety requirements for future production.

Recall that the nickel ore occurrences in the Voronezh region is the third largest in the Russian Federation of the metal deposit. Rights to develop the most thoroughly explored accumulations of ore region — Elan and Elkinskogo fields in Novokhopersk area, were put up for sale Rosnedra in February of this year.

Today 4 registered companies wishing to participate in the tender for the right of mining on the Elan and Elkinskom areas: it Ural Mining company Norilsk Nickel, Ural Mining Company and Mednogorsky GMT. In mid-April will be considered participants in technological solutions for the extraction of resources Novokhopersk area, and the winner's name public learns on May 15th.

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