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Japanese stainless steel producers raise prices

Manufacturer of stainless steel — Japanese corporation NipponSteelandSumikinStainlessSteelCorporation — with the current month will increase the cost of some types of own products. According to the new buyers have to pay a price for each ton of stainless steel containing rare metals, $ 130 more. The campaign said that for such steps is pushing producers prices of alloying components of growth, and in particular — rise in price of nickel.

NipponSteelandSumikinStainlessSteelCorporation (NSSC) — manufacturer of stainless steel number 1 in Japan — was established in 2003 through the merger of pre-existing steel corporations: Sumitomo Metal Industries and Nippon Steel Co. Company specializes in the production of thick and thin sheets of special steels, strip, rod and wire of stainless steel.

Apart from the products, in which to achieve corrosion resistance to use expensive nickel, NSSC produces and other stainless alloys. For example, developed by experts in the corporate brand of stainless steel FW2 proportion of nickel is reduced to 0%, and the role of alloying elements chromium and tin play a part in metal. Thus at this alloy corrosion resistance it remains at a high level, while the cost is reduced rolled (in comparison with the popular series 304 metal) to 20%. Against the background of the situation with the unpredictable behavior of nickel prices, management believes NSSC search for alternatives to the undertaking of a good prospect.

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