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This year, the demand for nickel will not increase significantly

According to analysts of the largest European operator of the financial services market, the company BNP Paribas, in 2012, demand for nickel in the world market of non-ferrous metals may increase. But if it happens, the changes that can be triggered by the revival of the production of stainless steel after the turn of the I quarter, will be negligible. And do not exceed 6,5% relative to the indicators of 2011. However, given the expected this year, nickel production levels, its stocks on the market will change in the direction of excess. Thus, expected in the near future is not worth the positive dynamics of prices for nickel: they will «slow down the development of» in comparison with the cost of other non-ferrous metals.

Earlier it was reported that over the past year on the market of stainless steel, a significant impact on consumption of nickel, improvements have been few tangible. Indicators of growth of production of corrosion-resistant metals, reflecting the general global trend, have not exceeded 4%. At the same time the positive trends were monitored only in China, Central and Eastern Europe. In other Asian countries, as well as in Africa, Western Europe, North and South America, the level of production of stainless steel declined. Apparently, the nickel industry will begin to recover until next year, when, according to ISSF forecasts, the production of stainless steel in the developed countries closer to pre-crisis levels.

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