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SEZ Titanium Valley will receive a new influx of investments

The Government of the Sverdlovsk region awaits the appearance in the special economic zone «Titanium Valley» for new residents. In particular, according to Alexander Petrov, head of the regional office of the Ministry of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region, their interest in participating in the project announced the CEO, «Heyer Rus," the Chinese company, Mr. Song Zhenhua. In addition, the project will attend the company «Uralvagonzavod», which plans to create a civil aviation airport in the framework of the program of Titanium Valley (budget — about 30 billion rubles.). Also outlined the prospects for cooperation with companies such as the Caisse des Depots (France), CIC (China) and Apollo (US).

According to previously published in the media post General Director of the Criminal Code of Titanium Valley SEZ Artemia Kyzlasov, this year on the development of the project from the budget of the Sverdlovsk region will allocate 300 million. Rubles. In addition, the terms of the contract between the initiators of the project and future residents of the stipulate that the investor (within one year after the entry into SEZ) is required to invest in the development of the Titanium Valley of at least € 1 million. So, apparently, the inflow of funds into the project can be expected in the coming months.

Recall that at the current time 2 resident registered in the SEZ. This Company «VSMPO-New Technology» — a division of the world's largest producer, «VSMPO-Avisma» titanium, and the company «Sinersis» (subsidiary company «Electric Machine Plant») which will produce energy-efficient electric motors, high voltage transformers, generators and other equipment.

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