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Stainless steel sector: manufacturers continue to raise prices

Major operators of the world stainless steel market continues to adjust the «price tags» on their own products upward. So to the producers, have already raised the cost of stainless metal for deliveries in February and March, in the 20 days of this month, joined the Finnish metals company Outukumpu. Its management decided to increase the surcharge on stainless steel for the March sales of the metal series 430 / 1.4016; 316 / 1.4404 and 304 / 1.4301.

Also this week (but with respect to supplies in April) corrected the own proposal Baosteel Stainless — Chinese manufacturer of stainless steel. The changes affected the prices of austenitic steel production of the steel company.

And Finnish metallurgists, and their colleagues from China account for changes in the value of non-corrosive metal rising prices for nickel: the LME in February, the metal traded in the range of 19,580 — 21,700 US dollars per ton, and its stocks, falling, sought to level 90 thousand. t.

According to some market analysts, the growth of subsidies to producers of stainless steel metal in the first quarter of this year and may not be limited. In particular, representatives of German company Damstahl believe that in the near future we should expect more and change the base price of corrosion-resistant varieties.

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